Where to find good (and free) information about Google Adsense

In the past, I’ve talked about great courses about Google Adsense.

However, since most of them are paid (aside from Optimizing Adsense, which is 100% free) and we all like free, here are some great resources where you can learn some tricks and you don’t even need to pull out your credit card:

The Official Adsense Blog (Inside Adsense)

Yes, it’s official, and it’s from Google, so it’s great information about what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing.


Youtube Adsense official Channel

Here you’ll find a few videos that can give you some useful insights.


Google Adsense Page at Google Plus

There is not so much happening at Google+ (they arrived into the social world a bit too late), but this particular page has over 2 million followers. There must be something happening there.


Digital Point Adsense Forum

This is a great forum, with thousands of posts to read. The only trouble is telling the good information aside from the not-so-good.


Raúl Mellado’s blog

Yepp, yours truly has written a lot of content about Adsense. Feel free to leave a comment on any article and I’ll do my best to reply.


Monetize Pros

This blog post called “101 ways to make money with Adsense” is filled with great information.


Another interesting post at Fat Stacks Entrepreneur

It’s from december 2014, but still pretty much up to date information


The Niche Site Duel series by Pat Flynn

What happened here is the following: Pat decided to have a challenge with other niche site experts where they would build, rankd and monetize a site, documenting everything along the way. Since it describes every single step along the way, there is a ton of information to learn.

Go to this post and scroll to the bottom to find a link to the other articles.


Spencer Haws Blog (Niche Pursuits)

Not everything is Adsense here (in fact, most of the information is not directly related to Adsense), however since he is focused on teaching how to build Niche Sites, you will find most of the information (blog posts and podcast) useful.

This blog post is particularly useful.



So that’s everything I could think of, if you know of more free resources, please let me know and I’ll include them in this guide.

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