The best Adsense courses

When it comes to Adsense, there are not so many courses around (at least, not too many good ones).

It was a much more popular topic in the past, but since interest has moved over to other aspect of Online Marketing (Social Media, etc), the information about Adsense has diminished.

Here are some guides where you can find information about Google Adsense

Google Adsense Secrets, by Joel Comm

This is the Adsense Guide. I purchased version 5.0, which is a PDF with 293 pages. Version 6.0, newer and updated is out. This version is an ebook for Kindle.

The author goes in deep into detail of how to do proper keyword research, how to set up your site, and some strategies to maximize your Adsense earnings.

Format: Mobi (for Kindle)

Price: $4.49


Long Tail University, by Spencer Haws

This is not an Adsense course per se. It is more focused on building niche sites, starting with proper keyword research, do competition research, content strategies and SEO.

The word “Adsense” is not mentioned anywhere in the sales page, however, aside from Ad placement, strategies, etc, you are getting all the information you need.

Plus, it comes from a very reputable author

Format: Video

Price: $197


Niche Site Course, by Chris Lee

This is an up-to-date course on how to set up a niche site from scratch.

It will teach you how to do proper niche and keyword research, how to do SEO (on page and off page), and how to maximize Adsense earnings.

Format: Video

Price: $297


Optimizing Adsense, by Google

This is a free course put together by the Google Adsense people. It has 18 short videos, focused on all the things you need to know for a successful Adsense strategy. It’s not very long so I really recommend you watch it if you are into Adsense

Format: Video

Price: Free


Madsense Reborn

I wouldn’t say this is a great course, but it has a fresh idea: using Facebook to get cheap traffic to your site (as opposed to doing SEO).

Honestly, I think SEO trafic is a hundred times better quality than social (at least when it comes to Adsense), but this course shows you how to get tons of visitors fast.

Format: Video

Price: $47


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