EmailFindr Review


this is my first product review in over a year. I want to keep working on my video skills, so here is the result.

The product is called EmailFindr, and it can help you find the e-mail address (and other social properties) from a specific person. The only thing you need is their name and domain name.

Have a quick look and see if it can help you in your business somehow:

I can think of many ways to use this product: to find prospects/customers, get better customer support, agencies, consultants, freelancers, vendors/affiliates, bloggers, job seekers, startups, guest posting…

Ultimately, it solves a universal problem: How do I get in touch with him/her?

If you like the product, have a quick look here: EmailFindr Access

PS. Full disclaimer: my review account had full access to all the tools, but they are sold separately. The ones I like the most are: EmailFindr and EmailDigger (Email Genie is great too, if you do email marketing)

PPS. Hope it was useful!

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