Sunday Motivation: The Space Race and your Online Marketing success Race

The other day a friend came to visit, and he told me a story that I’m beginning to doubt it’s 100% accurate (I’ve tried googling to no avail), but hey, let’s assume it’s true since I really enjoyed it and I think it’s a great story anyway 😉

Apparently, in the space race, the United States and the Soviet Union worked using a different strategy.

On one hand, the engineers from the Soviet Union, wanted to get every single number and calculation right. They spent lots and lots of time going through formulas, papers and all sorts of numbers, before getting into action.

On the other hand, the USA worked through a “trial and error” approach. They tested something, put it into action, and if it didn’t work at all, they would try something different.

And we all know who were the first to get to the moon, right? (unless you believe some conspiracy theory, of course).

Even if this story is not 100% accurate (I’ve also recently discovered that Mark Twain probably never said this, my life is really shaking), I think it describes perfectly the “Ready, Fire, Aim” philosophy, that I think is crucial in all aspects of life, including Online Marketing.

So by now you have most likely got the metaphor: it’s always better to keep moving and testing things than to wait to have all the information. Don’t get stuck!

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