What you need to build a successful Adsense site

Here are the 3 parts of the equation involved:

Keyword Research

One of the most important. Two reasons:

  1. Since you are aiming to rank your site at the very top of Google, you will need a keyword (or ideally more) that you can rank more or less easily.
  2. As we saw before, different keywords have different EPC (Earnings per Click)


This one is pretty simple. No traffic = No money

The best traffic source is SEO traffic (people who find your site via Google).

There are also some people who try to get cheap Facebook clicks to drive traffic to their site (usually with viral content), and expect to make more money with Adsense clicks than what that traffic costed. I haven’t personally tried this myself so I cannot comment on it.

So we are not only talking about quantity, but also quality.


The % of visitors who click on your ad. To improve this you can work on:

  • The site theme
  • Different ad sizes
  • Different ad placement

So that’s mostly it!

Spend some time doing proper keyword research.

Then work on getting traffic

Once you have those two (which are, in my opinion the most important), test and tweak, so you can maximize earnings.

Then rinse and repeat 🙂


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