Niche site vs Authority Site

When it comes to building a site, you can take 2 main routes:

  • Niche Site
  • Authority Site

Let’s look into them:

Niche Site

This is usually a smaller site, targeting a small number of keywords.

There is no clear definition, but I’d say it’s a site that has from 2 to 15 different pages with content, which is not updated often, and does not engage with its audience.

The idea is that once you find one (or 2-5 at the most) keywords that you can easily rank for, you can build a site around them, add some more related content, and rank for your main keyword or keywords.

It is built around a single topic or keyword, and usually the owner will do all the backlinking.

Takes some work to create in the beginning, but after that it mainly becomes set and forget.

Usually monetized with Adsense or Affiliate links.

Authority Site

This is a bigger site, with lots of content, updated regularly, and with high quality articles.

It focuses on a main topic, but has different pages built around related keywords.

The goal is to have people linking to the site, so it gets trust and better rankings over time.

It aims to have an engaged community, and can have multiple monetization systems, and takes a lot of work.


So you have 2 main choices: you can build a portfolio of small niche sites that earn a nice sum combined, or you can build 1 or 2 authority sites.

Which option is better?

That’s for you to decide!

Obviously an authority site has a much higher income potential, but it takes more work and in the end you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

The good thing is that there is much room to scale once it becomes successful.

On the other hand, building small niche sites takes less time and effort, however its earnings potential is much limited, since you can just rank for a limited set of keywords.

In the past, one could just find a primary keyword, purchase an EMD (Exact Match Domain), write 3 to 5 articles and rank pretty quickly.

However, at some point, Google became much smarter and it’s giving much weight to authority sites, so niche sites are not so easy to rank anymore (unless you find some nice keywords).




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