January-February income report

This is my very first income report, so I’m not sure how I should structure it.

Following the Ready, Fire, Aim, I’ll do a version 1 and will improve in the near future.

January and February have been a bit hectic for me, and pretty much out of focus. It’s taken me 2 months to be able to pause, reflect and do some introspection.

So here are the numbers:


Freelance Income: 6273€ ($6618)

Own Product sales: $851,07

Affiliate Sales: 

  • JVZoo: $464,61
  • Adsense: $139,53
  • Amazon: $686,74
  • Other Affiliate Programs: $418,06

Total: $9178,01


Bing Ads: $327,58

Autoresponder (ActiveCampaign): $70

Outsourcing (from Upwork): $453,11

Total: $850,69

Net Profit

$9178,01 – $850,69 = $8327,32


Since my goal this year is to make $200.000 in profit, that breaks down to $16,666/mo.

How much I should have made: $33.333

How Much I made: $8327.32

Difference: $25.006


As you can see, I’m way behind. As I said in the beginning, I haven’t been focused at all, so now it’s time to really focus on what matters.

Also, you can notice that most of my income came from freelance work, which is the completely opposite of what I’m after. Freelance work means work once, get paid once, as opposed to for example selling my own product (work once, sell multiple times), so I need to work hard on flipping that.

To work on improving focus and efficiency, one of the big changes I’m making is incorporating exercise to my daily routine.

Here’s what I’m doing at the moment (just started with most of them, to be honest):

  • Walk in the early morning
  • Monday: padel lessons
  • Tuesday: yoga lessons
  • 3 days/week gym
  • 3 days/week: running

What does exercise have to do with income? A lot, according to Richard Branson and others…

So, goals for march:

  • Be consistent with my exercise routine
  • Be in bed by 11
  • Read 1 book a week
  • Take some time to work on a proper schedule/planning for the rest of the year, and adhere to my schedule
  • Prioritize Online Marketing over Freelance work

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