A very simple way to sell your first product (for under 10 bucks)

I’ve had this question asked multiple times: How do I get started and make my first dollar online?

And my answer is always the following, something along the lines of:

  • First, set up a small niche site and put Adsense ads (no need to sell anything).
  • When you have mastered step 2, add some affiliate links (soft selling).
  • Once you have mastered steps 1 and 2, sell your own product

Step 2 is usually more profitable than step 1, and step 3 (selling your own product) is usually more profitable than step 2 (meaning than 3 is much better than 1).

If you sell your own product, you are in control of marketing, you can build a list of customers and you get to keep 100% of the profits (minus the commission that those “·$”·%!·” at Paypal take, way too high!) 😉

The only issue is that, well, you need a product.

Here is an idea for you to get your feet wet with selling your own product: WP Funnel Profits

It is a pack of 30 “How to” video tutorials with Private Label Rights.

It means that you can put your name on the product, sell it and keep 100% of the profits.

But not only that, you will get everything you need to build a list:

  • A squeeze page so you can get people into your e-mail list even before they decide to buy
  • An e-mail sequence of 12 messages recommending related affiliate products (already proven to convert), so you can learn about e-mail marketing
  • Plus step by step training showing how to set up the whole funnel

What I’d do with it would be the following:

  • Set up your squeeze page (using the one they provide)
  • Drive traffic to it. If you have a blog/website, you can promote it there. Otherwise my number #2 recommendation would be to drive traffic via either Facebook or any PPC networks (Adwords / Bing Ads).
  • Start building a list for people interested in WordPress
  • Promote this product to them (the 30 video tutorials). For each sale you get to keep all profits
  • Promote other related products to them (there is a ton of plugins / themes / services related to WordPress that you can promote).

Now don’t get me wrong, ideally you want to be selling your own unique product, built by you. However, IF you have not reached that point, this can be a great learning experience.

The price to get the videos and all the rest is under 10 dollars, so you should be able to get your investment back with just 1 single sale. Plus, you will be learning a list, and the most important thing, you will learn how to set up a funnel beginning to end.

If you decide to get WP Funnel Profits, feel free to send me any questions you might have along the way and I’ll be happy to help.

Here is the link to get the product

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