Getting started with Google Adsense

Last week I talked about the 3 ways to make money online (ok, 3 of them)

This week we will focus on Google Adsense, which is one of the easiest ways to make your first $1 online.

This is what you will need:

  1. A Website
  2. An Adsense account

That’s it! Once you have both, you can place the Adsense ad code in your site and your visitors will automatically start seeing ads.

Bear in mind that in order to apply for an Adsense account, you need to show them the url of your website, so you need to have one created beforehand. I recommend you have some unique articles (not just scraped content). A website with only one page probably won’t work. You want to get accepted the very first time, so make sure to put some work (and love) into it.

How does Google Adsense work?

It’s very simple, you just place a few lines of code in your website, and Google will show ads related to your site’s content.

Every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads, you will get a %of the money Google makes with that click (to be precise, you get 68%).

Not all clicks are worth the same, so a click can range from 1 cent up to 1-2 dollars.

There are several factors that affect CPC (cost per click), I will be talking about those in future articles.

They have both text and image ads. You can select just one of them, or let Google show both. I recommend having both (for advanced users, you can test and pick text ads only if they make you more money on your site).

Assuming you have a WordPress site, the best option is to use a plugin to insert ads. I will describe the whole process in detail in upcoming articles.

So that’s it for today! If you don’t have an Adsense account, make your site look nice, add some useful unique content, and apply for an account here.

If you have an account, well done! It’s time to earn some $$$.


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