Why are you doing this?

If you are reading this, chances at some point you decided to use the Internet to earn some extra income (or, if you want to put it in finer words, “build an online business”).

However, behind every decision, there is a reason (or more).

What is your reason?

Maybe you will say “money”. And you will probably be right. And you will probably be wrong.

Yes, we all want to make more money. But you must never forget that money is a by product.

What you (most likely) really want is peace of mind. Or being able to spend more time with your family. Or send your child to college. Or freedom. Or ________________ (fill in the blank).

So what is your Reason (with a capital R)?

It’s worth devoting some time to think about it, because when you are feeling down (and you will), and obstacles get in the way (and they will), you will need to remember WHY you are doing this.

This will help you burn the midnight oil. Keep going. Try again tomorrow. Not give up.

And your reasons (or Reason) can change over time.

If you had asked me a couple of years back, I would say my reason was freedom (being able to do what I choose with my time).

Right now, these are my two main Reasons (one is 17 months old, the other one is a bit older) 😉


So what is your number 1 Reason? Leave a comment below!



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