Why Adsense is not dead

I’ve been hearing it for years “Google Adsense is dead”.

And the reason people say that is this: a few years back, it was so easy to set up a new site, throw a bunch of poorly written articles, get a few backlinks, and rank it in a matter of days.

Then you just added some Adsense ads, make a few dollars a day, then rinse and repeat.

But then Google got a bit more picky, and nowadays it is not so easy to rank for many keywords. You usually need more time and definitely better content.

But this does not mean you cannot make some money (or a ton) from Google Adsense. It just means you have to be smarter.

If you are ready to work smart (and sometimes hard), there is plenty of unexplored keywords, niches, topics where you can add your content, get visitors and earn a living using Adsense.

Plus, you have other methods for driving traffic, like Facebook, Twitter…

And don’t forget about smartphones. Most traffic these days (and rising) comes from mobile devices. There is an unexplored world out there 🙂

Also, you can use Adsense just as one of the methods to monetize a site. You can complement it with Amazon links, other affiliate links, etc.

Even when it might not be so popular these days, it’s still alive and kicking.

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