March 2017 Income Report

In my previous income report I told you how my first 2 months of the year had gone by without having a clear strategy. It took me a whole extra month to get back on track.

I needed to find some time, sit down alone and plan the whole year. And that has made a big difference.

Of course, I’m aware that my priorities / projects / plans can change along the way, but at least I know where to aim.

So this are the numbers for march 2017:


Freelance Income: 3758,15€ ($4006)

Own Product sales: $181,86

Affiliate Sales: 

  • JVZoo: $43,98
  • Adsense: $66,08
  • Amazon: $175,03
  • Other Affiliate Programs: $161,47

Total: $4634,42


Autoresponder (ActiveCampaign): $70

Outsourcing (from Upwork): $258,92

Viral Site Project Expenses: $343,80

Total: $672,72

Net Profit

$4634,42- $672,72 = $3961,70


Since my goal this year is to make $200.000 in profit, that breaks down to $16,666/mo.

How much I should have made: $16,666

How Much I made: $3961,70

Difference: -$12704,30


I am still not on track for my yearly goal. There is still time, however, 1/4 of the year is already gone, so I need to make good use of the other three remaining quarters.

The good thing is on the physical side, I have been doing way more exercise than before, which has made me more productive.


So, goals for april:

  • Keep exercising daily
  • Be in bed by 11
  • Test Facebook ads
  • Prioritize (this is a biggie)

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