The best tools for Keyword Research

When it comes to finding great keywords for your website (it does not matter if it’s going to be an Adsense website, Amazon… or even your own store), you need to do proper keyword research.

To do this, you will need to use a proper tool; some of them are free, others are paid. Here is a list of all the ones I’ve used in the past

Free Keyword Research Tools

Adwords Keyword Planner

To use it you need an Adwords account. The great thing is that it’s free, and gives you most of the information you need about search volume and estimated CPC. However, it does not give you any information about Keyword competitiveness (meaning how hard it would be to rank that specific keyword).

Price: free


Google Trends

It gives you information about what people are searching for right now, along with historical information. Very useful tool if you want to be up to date with recent searches/events and stay ahead of competition.

Price: free



It has some extra information that the Adwords Keyword Planner does not provide. You can search in Google Search, Images, Shopping, Youtube, News… Recently adquired by Neil Patel (currently, it reads: New free features coming soon)

Price: free


Keywords Everywhere

This is a browser addon (available for Chrome and Firefox) that gives you the ability to get better results from other websites (Ubersuggest, Soovle, Answer the Public, Majestic Anchors, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Shitter and Moz Open Site Explorer).

Price: free


Paid Keyword Research Tools


It helps you find  keyword variations, long tail keyword research, competitor analysis… Plus it will check for available domains, and other goodies like title generator (from your original keyword), trend reporting, etc.

Price: $67 (basic) – $97 (Pro)


Market Samurai

Until I found Long Tail Pro, it was my favourite tool. I have spent hours using it, and it’s still pretty good. You can use it to find related keywords, SEO competition (top 10 results in Google), etc. Plus, it has a monetization tab that allows you to search for products to promote based on your keyword.

It also has a rank tracking option, so you can check how your site ranks for specific keywords (very useful feature).

There is also a “promotion” tab where you can find websites where you can add a backlink to your website (not that useful in 2017, to be honest, but can give you some hints)

Price: $149 one time (there is a free trial)


Long Tail Pro

I left the best (at least in my humble opinion) for last. In many ways it’s similar to Market Samurai, but it’s the fastest tool out there.

If you are serious about keyword research you will love Long Tail Pro.

The best feature (aside from how fast it is) is what they all “Custom Keyword Difficulty”, which is a number that lets you know how competitive that keyword is (ie, how hard it would be rank it according to the top results in Google). This alone is priceless (as it will save you hours of research).

Price: $25/mo (starter), $45/mo (pro),  $98/mo (agency) (there is a 7 day free trial)



Final Veredict:

If you are just starting out or keyword research is not a big necessity for you, use the Adwords Keyword Planner (free). If you need something more serious, Long Tail Pro is your best friend.

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