Marketing 101: What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the easiest to overlook.

These days we are bombarded with everything: information, ads, products…

So you get a small chance to attract a visitor, whether you are using an ad, or driving someone to your website.

You get 5 precious seconds in which the potential visitor / customer will decide if he/she wants to keep listening to what you have to say, or simply leave.

IF you want them engaged, make sure you are answering straight to their main question: What’s In It For Me?

It does not matter if you want them to subscribe to your online newsletter, purchase your next product, read your blog post, like your Facebook page…

Just try to get in their head, see their pain and problems, and see if you are answering THE question.

Because, don’t forget, marketing is about THEM, not about YOU.

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