A more complex, yet more profitable way to make money online

Yesterday I wrote about a very simple way to make money.

However, that was a bit of a “machinegun” approach, meaning you shoot everywhere without aiming.

If you want to try something similar, but better, try this instead:

Focus on one niche, learn about what sells, what kind of problems the potential customers have, etc.

Then buid a website (can be very simple, 5 to 10 articles), and -very important- build a list. You can also promote affiliate products in that page (put a couple of banners in the sidebar).

Now, instead of direct linking using PPC to the merchant’s website, direct people to your website. You will need to test with review articles, linking to your homepage, etc.

Whereas if you direct link to the seller you will get 100% to go to the sales page, if you use your page as a bridge, not every visitor will click and visit the sales page (assuming you are doing affiliate marketing).

BUT you will be building a list (ie, an asset, which is a business in the end) along the way, learning what sells, and learn about the niche.

You will position yourself as an expert, people will go to you for advice, and even when this means more work, you will end up selling more.

And what is the natural next step?

Once you know the kind of products that sell, and have made some money as an affiliate, the logical, natural next step is building your own product.

All in all, this is a better long term strategy than the machinegun approach (PPC direct linking).

Once you build a list, even if the PPC company bans you, or some of the products you are promoting as an affiliate stops selling, you still have your list, and can promote other products, sell your own products, etc.

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