10 Adsense Mistakes to avoid at all costs

In previous articles I talked about things to do with Adsense.

Here are some of the things you should NOT do:

If you want to get your account alive, don’t…

Click on your own ads

This will only earn you a few dollars at the most and, if you get caught by the big G, you might get your account banned. Definitely not worth the trouble!

Have your ads on low quality content sites

If your site consists only of scraped, non unique content chances are your love story with Adsense won’t end well.

Be aggresive with ad placement

Make sure the visitor experience is good and the rest will take care of itself

Encourage users to click on your ads

This is a huge violation of the Adsense Terms

Host copyrighted content

That’s a no-no

Link to sites with pirated software/content

Also a no-no

Break the Adsense TOS

What else can I add? Make sure to read them careful. Better safe than sorry!


If you want to earn more revenue, don’t…

Place too many ads

This completely ruins user experience; users are likely to leave your page quickly if they get stuffed with ads. This is a case where most of the times, less is more.

Forget to test

Test everything: colors, placements, sizes… What’s working on one website might not work on another.

Be satisfied

There is always room for improvement

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