Let’s build a profitable website – the challenge

For the past months, I’ve been getting several e-mails asking similar questions:

  • I want to build a website to make money
  • I’d like to set up my first website, but I don’t know where to start
  • There are millions of products / services out there in the Online Marketing world, which ones should I go after?

In order to help my readers get started, I decided to set up a little challenge (for myself and for them).

I am going to build a website from scratch (actually, several of them), and show every step of the way (think of it as the “Big Brother” of Online Marketing).

When do we start?


And when does it end?

I will be adding content for 6 weeks, so that means the final date will be may 13th.

What do I need?

Just a hosting account (I recommend Bluehost if you don’t have one already, but you can use anyone you like), a domain and WordPress.

How does it work?

I will be sending a weekly e-mail with instructions and ideas. Everything will get recorded on videos, so you can watch it later on at your own pace, and ask me any questions along the way.

Every week, you should go through the contents (I will make them brief), take action, and ask me anything you want.

How can I get some help along the way?

You can e-mail me any time, but I suggest you write in the forum, so everyone can benefit from your questions.

I heard there will be some prizes, is it true?

Yes, you heard right! In order to make it more fun, I will be selecting 3 winners. You just need to share the website (or websites) you build for this challenge, and I’ll pick the top 3.

These are the prizes:

1. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
2. An Amazon Kindle
3. A pack of my 3 favourite business books

I will pick the winners depending on several factors, like how big the bribe is… I mean design, functionality, creativity, profitability…